I was shocked today to receive a phone call from a representative by the name of Dave Sober from InventionHome.com after also receiving an email welcome letter, only to be met with an attitude that I found offensive. After explaining that I couldn't talk at the moment because I was with colleagues going into a business lunch and then leaving this afternoon for an extended weekend holiday (it's Memorial Weekend) I suggested that we communicate by email. After 2 attempts to get me to commit to a follow up phone call, I reiterated that we could just email for now and set up a call later next week.

What was said next I couldn't help but laugh at. "I don't do business by email." Really? OK, bye. In 2013, when you own an internet-based business I think you need to prepare for some email dialogues to take place.

What's even more surprising is that they are BBB Accredited. Not sure how that is going to fare.

Anyway, it may seem like this is nothing, but had you heard the tone you may also realize that there was no desire to provide good customer care.

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Invention Home website is not responding. Have they paid their bills to the web hosting company ?


Invention home will talk to you until they receive their money and after that a deafening silence will ensue. All they do is buy you a patent which you can do yourself by finding a patent lawyer via google search.

I spent $4000. They did an animation which most of the time sound and artwork would be out of synch.

No advise or help on how to market your product. The dashboard they provide does not tell you anything except how many companies they submitted your product with no real evidence behind it.


I think their is more to this company than just bad customer service. I wonder what is the biggest gain a company would have by helping would be inventors along the road to creating their invention.

Perhaps people should look behind the scenes more often and where else inventions pop up after they release their inventions to companies such as invention home.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #738120

I actually committed to having InventionHome prepare my provisional patent as well as having them market my idea/invention. The majority of the business we conducted was via email.

Of course, after spending $2500 on their "deluxe" marketing package, I realized that conducting my business through email or phone-calls wouldn't have mattered. Their art-department ignored every picture and email I sent them showing and explaining the specifications of my invention. After a couple weeks, their art-director told me that they "understood" my invention enough and that they didn't need to include all the other specifications they left out. In short, they butchered or omitted every specifications of my invention, and their recommended patent firm butchered the text of the provisional patent, which also used InventionHome's artwork for figures used in the patent.

I sent IventionHome dozens of photos and tons of emails explaining my concept and why the specifications and components I used were important. In the end, they told me that the features I included that added functionality and safety to my system weren't important. In the end, I got a provisional patent that could barely hold water.

Luckily, after sorting out my frustration with the process, I found a good patent attorney locally as well as an industrial designer, and together, they got my idea/invention back on track and we filed a non-provisional for less than it would have costed using the same patent firm InventionHome recommended.

Oh, and I wouldn't be surprised if versions of my invention start hitting the market through contacts of InventionHome. It was a little hard to believe that their entire art-department was so clueless...i figure if they weren't actually as dumb as they pretended, they were probably going to leave me with a sloppy provisional, so they could file a proper provisional with the proper specifications. :sigh

to RoastedLocust #836164

I also had similar experiences with invention home!!! Except I spent just under 4000.00.

When they say they have a marketing department I personally think it's a joke.

I'm sorry I used them!!!!! Waste of money!!!!

to Anonymous #1363209

Thanks for the information. I just recently contacted them and all they have done for me so far is do a patent search.

I figured out that I can file the provisional patent myself & am going to finish it up this weekend. I had talked with Dave Sober and he is very pushy.

When I talked about my idea, he kept adding in more details and I had to correct him. After reading this information, it's probably best for me to get things started on my own.

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