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STOP! Don't invest a single dollar into your invention -- help company you're thinking about using to solicit your so-called great idea until you read this: Invention Home company as well as all of the other invention - help companies will take your money and you will get nothing for it in return!

This is a 97% accurate statement! Only 3% of inventions/ideas solicited by these invention - home companies are accepted by manufacturers/private companies. Invention Home told me this. I believed at least one of the two inventions I paid them $6000 to make a product presentation of my inventions and solicit it to potential manufacturers/private companies would have fit within that 3%.

WRONG! I foolishly believed my two inventions/ideas would be accepted and produced by a manufacturer or private company. I honestly believed my two products would have sold well in the stores if produced and presented. I believed this because the products I invented were extremely useful and appreciated because I enjoy using it at home as well as my friends, family and neighbors.

They all said they agreed with me how useful and beneficial like two products were and they still have and use the prototypes I made and gave each of them. Does this sound familiar to you regarding your inventions/idea? This website indirectly solicits possible customers to lawyers to consider taking on the case for the people who place posts at this website regarding dissatisfaction with a product or service of a company. I think it's a great idea and I hope this website continues it.

But, no lawyer can help me nor any of you other inventors out there regarding this problem. These invention - help companies spend thousands of dollars making sure they worded the contract properly which you sign in agreement before you pay them thousands of dollars to create a product description package of your idea/invention and solicit it to so-called hundreds and hundreds of potentially interested manufacturers or private companies. At the end of the year of my two inventions being solicited by Invention Home they told me they had solicited my two inventions to over 400 and 600 various manufacturers/companies related to the idea/invention. How did they come up with that number?!

I looked on the Internet for all manufacturers and companies related to my two inventions and only found a handful, worldwide. And when I ask them about those 400 and 600 related manufacturers/companies they would not tell me who they were, as agreed to par the contract/agreement I signed prior to paying them $6000 for soliciting my two inventions. All of these invention -- help companies lead you to believe YOUR INVENTION may indeed be one of the 3% accepted products by a manufacturer or private company by simply telling you that they see some unusual unique ideas/inventions excepted which most people would not think Manufacturers would accept. But, what they don't tell you is the true facts: The only products excepted by manufacturers are those related to the medical industry or some handy dandy tool for home use like the ones you see on info commercials late at night on TV.

You never get to see how successful or unsuccessful those handy dandy tool sales are through those late-night info commercials. Invention Home lead me to believe my products just might make it and be accepted by a manufacturer or private company by NOT TRYING to make me realize how slim the chance I or any of us have in getting a manufacturer or private company to purchase our idea/invention. Invention Home receives approximately 2 or three new customers a week continuously, as I was told by them. Which means, obviously, they are taking approximately $6000 a week, $312,000 minimum a year and ONLY 3% of those customers will have their ideas/inventions accepted and used by companies, as I was also told by Invention Home.

In other words, 97% of those customers have just lost all of their money, hopes and dreams of having their product become successful and available to others at stores. PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE, which cost me $6000 to learn about, DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY to any of these intervention -- help companies because your product WILL NOT BE EXCEPTED! Unless it is a medical tool or device or something like a 12-in-one screwdriver for home project use! The most practical, simple, direct and immediate way to begin sales of your product is to manufacture it yourself using your money, your hands and your home to build these products.

A perfect example I can share with you is what I did with one of my inventions about 15 years ago. I came up with an idea/design to quickly and easily remove scratches on fast food restaurant bathroom mirrors. The concept was simple. To remove scratches from the mirrors which the neighborhood Hispanic gang members love to scratch by signing their name or gang sign on I simply designed a mirror system with a replaceable shield covering/protecting the mirror.

So, now the scratches on the mirror could be removed in three minutes time and at a cost of about three dollars. The fast food restaurants really love the idea/design because it meant they don't have to close down the bathroom for a half hour while the mirror companies replace the scratched mirror. Within a 50 mile radius of my home I sold and installed over 150 of these mirror protection systems and brought in over $18,000 in the first four months of business! I also did not spend any money or time in a patent search or patent protection for my product.I believed it was a completely new concept and the big companies would not come after me if they did happen to have something similar to it.

I wasn't rich and I was just a private individual trying to make some money on an idea I came up with and could find no one else with anything similar to my idea/invention. And companies/corporations are not going to waste their time and money on one individual selling a few items related to their product. They will simply tell you to stop making it immediately or they will take legal actions against you. That's all that will happen.

I did pay my state taxes on profit made from that mirror protection system. If anyone has any questions for me regarding anything here please feel free to respond to my post and I will reply ASAP.

DON'T BE A FOOL WITH YOUR MONEY, PRIDE AND HOPE as had happened to me after I foolishly gave Invention Home $6000 of my hard earned money and then realized what a scam these invention -- help companies TRULY ARE! Do it yourself or not at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). NG_2014 is overall dissatisfied with Invention Home. The most disappointing about invention home invention service at Invention Home was scam Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania, United States #1303872

thanks for the advice

What steps would you think i should take with my invention idea?


Thank you so much for this advice. I gave an invention company 1K to do a patent search and now they are telling me that my product may not be "patent" material. I had a feeling they were giving me the run around.

to John Portland, Oregon, United States #1302351

I'm sorry you paid $1000 for something they could've told you over the phone. I am 100% positive the company’s representative that you spoke to before sending them the thousand dollars would have been able to tell you that your product was not patent material.

Wasn't he/she or the company been in this business long enough to be up to answer that question for you over the phone?

Of course they could have if they wanted to but they did not want to answer question over the phone because they would rather have your thousand dollars and send you through a so-called proper procedure they claimed they put the customers through instead of answering a simple question over the phone with you.

I wish we can bring back "tar and feathering" to bad politicians, congressmen and senators and company representatives like this guy/girl. And that includes the owners of these Invention Help Companies.

Before I lost my $6000 to Invention Home I spent two hours over the phone with their representative trying to ask enough questions and get enough answers to be able to indicate to myself that I should spend or keep my $6000 and forget about trying to find a related business that could do something with my two different products/inventions.

But, even after spending all that time and after the representative told me only 3% of their customer inventors have their products accepted and used by a company that related to my products/inventions, I was never informed by that Invention Home representative of exactly which type of products ANY of those product related companies would be interested in producing and selling.

Regarding my first product/invention I submitted to Invention Home Company costing me $3000: I found out later that my extremely well designed cat toy that causes so much excitement and joy between both the cat owner and the cat themselves would NEVER be produced because the 6 foot long string I use that is attached to the end of the stick and toy mouse was too much of a Liability Risk for any company to take. Dozens of hours were spent by my neighbor, my brother, my friend and myself playing with my cat toy and never once came anywhere near of getting tangled up in the string because I cleverly used 80 pound test fishing line which will NOT stay tangled nor will it be able to stay tangled around any part of the cats body.

Also, I designed this cat toy so that the mouse and stick would disconnect under any excessive pressure being applied by the owner of the cat or the cat themselves. Now, as I was explaining this to the representative at Invention Home Company you would think that he would be aware of this liability issue and tell me that is not likely anybody would take my cat toy and use it because of the Liability Issue of somebody's cat getting hurt or killed. I believe there representative misled and deceived me by not explaining this to me which could have saved me $3000 for that particular invention. Regarding my second product/invention I submitted to Invention Home Company costing me $3000: And what about the other $3000 I wrongly gave Invention Home Company on hoping that my retractable hill-climbing Hand Ladder would be accepted by some outdoors equipment producing company?

Well, the exact same thing happened here where I was misled and deceived regarding the FACT that NO company will take a chance on selling a climbing apparatus that allows people to put themselves in a more dangerous situation by trying to climb a steep embankment or hill when using my hill-climbing Hand Ladder that allows you to pull yourself up a hill with your hands while keeping your feet on the ground. The representative I spoke to at Invention Home Company ALSO NEW that this product would NEVER be accepted because of the major Liability Issue! And I knew that the representative also new this BUT he did not spend one word trying to discourage me on spending my $6000 for their company to package and present my products to possibly interested companies. He kept saying he's really not sure if any of their 500 to 1000 customer's product/inventions would become accepted by any companies.

BUT, he knew *** well which type of products will NOT accepted because of the major liability issue and both of my products/inventions were of that type! Now, if this *** company representative at Invention Home Company knew that he would be Tarred and Feathered if he was caught at deliberately misleading his customers and misleading them into thinking that their product may be accepted when he knew they wouldn't be, would he have done this to me or any other of his hundreds of customers he stole, yes stole money from? *** no! I am still waiting for the day to come when I hear on the news that somebody went to one of those Invention Help Companies and physically beat the *** out of their representatives that STOLE their hard earned money and helped mislead their customer into wasting their money allowing them/us to wrongly believe there was a possibility of finding a company that was interested in manufacturing, advertising and selling our product which in FACT there were none!

And not one of those Invention Help Companies will tell you where they solicited your product to but they will tell you, just like they told me, that they solicited your product to hundreds or thousands of various companies when, in fact, they absolutely did not solicit our products to anywhere near those amount of companies! My $6000 is gone, my hopes and expectations were smashed and I feel like a complete fool by trusting that *** lying and misleading representative at Invention Home Company! And what about the owners of these Invention Help Companies? How do they feel about what they are doing with foolish people's hopes and dreams and thousands of dollars they stole from their customers?

Answer: They don't give a ***! After all, they're making $50,000 to $100,000 a year and they know that nothing bad will ever happen to them as they keep stealing and misleading their customers out of their hard-earned money!

As a consolation to our woes, I really hope these type of company owners will visit here and read how we feel about it what we had gone through and hopefully they'll feel just a little bit guilty about it. But, we all know they don't give a *** and they're telling us all to "go to ***, suckers!"

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1285827

Thank you so much. This was very informative and probably saved me thousands.

I have a lot of confidence in my invention, I just don't know how to get started.

Again thank you.


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